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Message from Principal's Desk

With the current trends of competitions and challenges we face in the realm of higher education in general and the technical education in particular, teaching-learning processes are becoming complex day by day. In spite of recent bitter experiences of recession and economic slowdown, the kind of demand we see for the technically qualified personnel proves the crucial role the technical education plays in the socio-economic growth of our country.

Technical Education is one of the most significant components of human resources development spectrum in improving the quality of life of the people. India is at the threshold of crossing the milestone from a developing nation towards a developed nation, the transition is possible only by ensuring the quality standards. Quality being the buzz word of the day and it is that quality of products, processes and methods which ensures and emphasizes on customer satisfaction. The products – student pass outs, processes - teaching-learning and methods – methodologies of teaching-learning gain importance in an educational institution, if quality standards are to be achieved and maintained.

Technical institutions should augment the pace of industrial development. It is a matter of concern that some of the institutes produce persons who fall much short of desired expectations of the industries. The industries are on a look out for persons who are technically equipped, possess managerial skills, are creative, and can easily adapt to the changing market situations. In other words, in the present era of rapid changes, institutions have to become more responsive and proactive to changing labor markets and students interests.

Quality indicator of a technical institution refers to the knowledge, skills and attitudes attained by the pass outs. It is easier to master the subject matter and skills but mere possession of these will not ensure or guarantee growth in one’s career. The mental dispositions of an individual towards the world at large need to be favourable or positive for a successful career. Opportunities are aplenty and knock at the door always. A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and an optimist sees opportunity in every adversity. A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.

The present youth need to be optimistic and wise and the institutions need to build these attitudes during their student life. Steps need to be taken to develop such attitudes in our classrooms besides the subject expertise. Teacher’s duty is to guide, facilitate and lead the youth towards attainment of right attitude and it is the attitude that makes the difference.