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All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) was set up in November 1945 as a national-level Apex Advisory Body to conduct a survey on the facilities available for technical education and to promote development in the country in a coordinated and integrated manner.

Main Objectives of AICTE:

1)Promotion of Quality in
Technical Education.

2)Planning and Coordinated Development
of Technical Education System.

3)Regulations and Maintenance of
Norms and Standards.

AICTE LOA:                                                                     

Letter of Approval from AICTE.pdf

AICTE Approvals received by this Institution:

1.EOA Report 2014-15.PDF

2.EOA Report 2015-16.PDF

3.EOA Report 2016-17.PDF

4.EOA Report 2017-18.PDF

5.EOA Report_2018-19.PDF

6. EOA_Report_2019-20 GPC GANDERBAL.PDF



9.EOA Report 22-23.PDF