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“Mandatory Disclosure” means the disclosure of the information by a technical institution in the format prescribed by the AICTE Council for the purpose and/or uploading the same on the official website of Council.

Summary of Mandatory Disclosures as per Annexure 10 of AICTE Approval Handbook :

     Mandatory Disclosures.pdf

1.Grievance Redressel Commitee in GPC Ganderbal:

 Establishment of Grievance Redressel Commitee.pdf

Student Grievance Redressel commitee.pdf

2. Commitee for SC & ST Students in GPC Ganderbal:

commitee for SCST.pdf

Commitee for SC & ST Students.pdf

3 Internal Compliant Commitee  in GPC Ganderbal:

4 Establishment of ICC Cell.pdf

 ICC Cell.pdf

4.Entrepreneurship Development Cell in GPC Ganderbal:

EDC Cell.pdf

5.Area Plan of GPC Ganderbal:

Area Plan of GPC Ganderbal.pdf

6.Audited Statement of Accounts and details:

Audited statement.pdf

7.Floor Area Ratio of GPC Ganderbal:


8.IT Summary Details of GPC Ganderbal:

IT Summary Details.pdf

9.Latitude and Longitude Details of GPC Ganderbal:

Latitude and Longitude.pdf

10: Occupancy Certificate:

Occupancy Certificate.pdf

11.Anti Ragging Commitee and Anti Ragging Squad:

 Anti ragging cell.pdf

Antiragging commitee and Anti Ragging Squad_Signed.PDF

12.Stock Details of GPC Ganderbal:

Stock Details of GPC Ganderbal.pdf

13.Result Analysis of Various Semester Exams:

Result Analysis of Various Sem Exams.pdf

14.Details about Rooms and other Labs available in College:

Details about Rooms in College.pdf

15.Faculty Details as per AICTE:

Faculty Details as Per AICTE.pdf

16.College Drawing:

College Drawing-compressed.pdf

17.College Library Book Details:

Library Stock Details.xlsx

18.Appointment of OMBUDSMAN.


19.TPO Cell